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Serenity Floor Care offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We use the most updated and efficient equipment available.

All of us have heard carpet cleaning nightmares. Whether it was from a friend, or you experienced it yourself. “The stains all come back, the carpet seemed to get dirty way too quick after cleaning, the carpet took three days to dry, it smelled strange after the cleaning.” And those are just the most common stories that might bring you concern.

The most common reasons for these horror stories come from a lack of knowledge by the technician, along with outdated equipment, and outdated cleaning methods that can leave dirt attracting detergent residues.

At Serenity Floor Care, we use state of the art equipment and have the experience to know what methods will be best for situation. Our attention to detail focuses on every aspect of getting your carpet as clean and residue free as possible as well as minimizing dry time.

Our first step will be a walk through and answer any questions you may have as well as providing our professional opinion on what will steps need to be taken to meet all of your needs.

All of our carpet cleanings come standard with a pre-vacuum and that alone can make huge difference. This process helps ensure that pet hair as well as human hair is removed BEFORE the cleaning process takes place. You might be surprised to see what can be removed by a pre vacuum. Feel free to ask you technician to show you the results, even if you have already vacuumed yourself.

Our next step will be to apply a customized pre spray on all your carpet based on your carpets’ needs. This ensures the loosening of soils and spots and prepares it for extraction and rinsing.

Following our customized pre spray we will then use our high powered, truck mounted equipment combined with a natural based rinsing agent to thoroughly rinse out dirt, soiling, pre spray and any other cleaning agents left behind to leave a residue free carpet. This process will allow the carpet to return to the same pH it had when it was new. This step alone will ensure your carpets will stay cleaner than most methods.

And that is not the end of our detailed cleaning process and attention to detail. As we are cleaning and rinsing your carpet; if there are any stubborn stains that remain, we have a wide variety of stain specific spot cleaning agents which we can apply if needed.

We still are not done! What comes next is an additional dry pass with our equipment as well as the use of high flow commercial fans to ensure that your carpets dry as soon as possible. It’s twice the work, but we really do care about how long your carpet will take to dry. Very few carpet cleaning companies go to this length to speed up your drying process.

“They came to my rescue when I found myself in an unexpected jam. They were polite and honest about what they could do with the ancient carpets in my parents’ recently emptied condo. The carpets ended up in better shape than I expected and they were very fast. Thanks so much!”

Kathy L.

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